Republican Leader Peter FitzSimons is blind to Ordinary Australians concerns due to his life inside a Bubble of Extreme Wealth & Privilege

Republican Leader Peter FitzSimons is blind to Ordinary Australians concerns due to his life inside a Bubble of Extreme Wealth & Privilege

“Republican Movement Leader Peter FitzSimon has totally ignored the welfare of Ordinary Australians who were victims of New Zealand criminals that Australia has wisely deported,” Mr Philip Benwell, Chairman of the Australian Monarchist League said today.

“FitzSimons elitism and indifference to Ordinary Australians was on full display in his recent guest role as an ABC TV Foreign Correspondent covering the issue of deporting New Zealand criminals from Australia,” Mr Philip Benwell said.

“Ordinary Australians don’t all live in salubrious and safe suburbs like Mosman as FitzSimons does. He benefits from intense & effective policing that keeps local crime levels extremely low.”

“FitzSimons needs to wake up and realize most Ordinary Australians also don’t live in multimillion dollar houses or have Porsche sports cars in their garage like his family does.”

“Lawlessness, criminality and anti-social behavior are daily problems too many Australians have to confront every day.”

“But FitzSimons ABC TV report focused almost exclusively on the hardships deported New Zealand criminals faced back in their homelands.”

“Not once did FitzSimons mention how the deportations are improving the daily lives of literally tens of thousands of law abiding Australians who no longer have these New Zealand criminals amongst them.”

“It never occurs to FitzSimons what a benefit it is to Ordinary Australians to get these criminals out of Australia as none of them could afford to live in his suburb. He is totally blind to this due to his elite and privileged lifestyle.”

“Not one Australian victim of the New Zealand criminals was interviewed for FitzSimons story,” Mr Benwell said.

“Clearly the concerns of Ordinary Australians don’t rank highly in this republican’s priorities.”

“It’s should also concern every Australian that a man so seemingly indifferent to serious threats to our national wellbeing, such as out of control illegal drugs distribution, is leading a push to radically rewrite our Constitution and usher in political chaos. He clearly has a poor sense of Australia’s National Interest,” Mr Benwell said.

“Praiseworthy actions of the Australian Government to disrupt the Rebels bikie gangs leading role in illegal drug distribution across Australia were ignored by FitzSimons in his TV report.”

“Instead FitzSimon’s focused on the challenges confronting a deported New Zealand Rebels member. This man had a “F... the Police” acronym tattooed on his neck.”

“He was locked up for months in Australian immigration custody despite committing no offense while being deported back to New Zealand. Most Australians would say “Good”,” Mr Benwell said.

“They support Home Affairs Minister Dutton’s determination to smash these criminal gangs.”

“But it seems FitzSimons life is lived too much inside a Lower North Shore Sydney bubble of privilege to care about this ongoing battle.”

“His privileged life makes him singularly unsuited to lead a push to radically rewrite our Constitution.”

“It’s Ordinary Australians, not him and his elite republic mates like Billionaire Jamie Packer, that will have to cope with the downside of the over 100 changes to our Constitution his Politicians Republic would entail.”

“Governments struggle now to deliver adequate services. They would do so much worse when all their focus is elsewhere. They would have uncertainty and new problems in areas no one previously had to worry about in the 100 years of our existing Constitution.”

“Anyone who doubts that needs only to look at the chaos we had had from the simple paragraph on MP’s citizenship requirements. These problems prove Constitutional law if fraught with difficulty. Some issues take decades or even a century to become settled law. Yet FitzSimons wants over 100 new changes to our Constitution. It’s a recipe for certain chaos.”

“But FitzSimons doesn’t care. “His life of privilege would shield him from it all.”

“FitzSimons TV report reveals him as a man totally oblivious to the concerns of Ordinary Australians. The narrow outlook his privileged life has fostered also explains why he focuses on something of such monumental insignificance to Ordinary Australians.”

“FitzSimons ought to get out into the real world a bit more. Then perhaps he wouldn’t waste his time on such an elitist esoteric and pointless campaign that steals oxygen from debates we should be having about the real problems confronting Australia,” Mr Benwell said.


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