Labor Voters Oppose Republic

Labor Voters Oppose Republic

Around 60% of Labor Voters Oppose a Republic

“Now a clear majority of ALP voters, 58% - up a stunning 18% points since November 2012, say that Australia should remain as a Monarchy – a far larger change than by either L-NP voters or Greens voters who appear far more set in their ways.” Roy Morgan Market Research Update 20/9/22


“This is 1999 all over again when the outer suburban strong Labor held seats voted overwhelmingly against a republic and thus defeated the Republic referendum” said Philip Benwell, National Chair of the Australian Monarchist League.

“The Australian Monarchist League knew that there was monarchist support amongst Labor held electorates. In the early 1990s our Sydney branch used to have street stalls and, when in what were then blue-ribbon Liberal electorates, such as Double Bay or Mosman, we found there was little support but our street stalls in outer suburban Labor held areas like Blacktown were warmly greeted by the locals. We therefore put a lot of effort into these areas particularly in Sydney and Melbourne. Our own membership also reflected and still reflects a strong support by Labor voters.”

“They voted against the referendum not because of any model but because they believed that the system of constitutional monarchy best protects their individual freedoms and, of course, it does that because it blocks politicians from absolute power” he said.



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