Labor risks losing votes by pursuing republic

Labor risks losing votes by pursuing republic

The results of the 1999 referendum indicated that roughly one third of Labor voters voted against a republic. Many of these were traditional Labor who honour the Queen. We know this because a significant number of members of the Australian Monarchist League are Labor voters.

Aggressively pursuing moves to change to a republic will be a further reason for some Labor voters, who may be already upset at comments made by Bill Shorten over tax reform, the possibility of reducing or eliminating the health-insurance subsidy and other such matters, not to vote Labor.

Similarly #FoleysFolly, so named when Luke Foley launched an attack on Australia’s oldest public holiday, the Queen’s Birthday holiday, causing great concern amongst our Labor voting members.

Bill Shorten and Luke Foley should realise that roughly 72% of electorates, including many Labor seats, voted against a republic in 1999.


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