Book on Queen - Makes Assumptions, Not Facts

Book on Queen - Makes Assumptions, Not Facts

The new book by royal correspondent Robert Jobson makes a lot of statements, many of which are assumptions with no actual confirmed base.

In regard to a republic in Australia, the Queen has always said that it is a matter for the Australian people. Her Majesty would never say something like Australia should: ""get on with it" rather than "this lingering death-watch"". These comments alone throw suspicion that this book is all about supposition and what the writer thinks and not about what is actually true, similar to so many magazine articles where sensationalism replaces fact for the sole purpose of selling copy.

The headlines on the reports that the Queen will abdicate at age 95 are also totally wrong. As has been said before on a number of occasions, Her Majesty considers that she cannot abdicate because she gave a binding oath before God at her Coronation to serve her peoples and that both can never be broken during her lifetime.

However, with the expectation that the Queen will live for many more years to come, it is not unreasonable that she would take a step backwards and allow Charles to be Regent, which is king in all but name. It would also ease Charles into the position and clearly reveal to the people his innate decency, his care for the less fortunate and his tremendous desire and ability to serve the people, as his mother has done for so long. Indeed duty is ingrained into the Royal family as we have seen with the recent visit of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

The Prince of Wales raises more money for charity than anyone else in the world. His Princes Trust does good works in many countries, including Australia. One only has to visit: to see the extensive activities undertaken by the Trust in this country.


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