Abolish the Taxpayer-Funded Assistant Ministry for The Republic

Abolish the Taxpayer-Funded Assistant Ministry for The Republic


As the Labor caucus is set to meet in Canberra to deal with the ongoing cost of living crisis, the Australian Monarchist League has called on the Prime Minister to show good faith and sincerity with the Australian people by abolishing the Assistant Ministry for the Republic. This is a test of the Prime Minister’s genuineness, of whether he is fair dinkum.

Having acknowledged a republic is no longer a government priority (which it should never have been) the continuation of taxpayers funding a position of an Assistant Minister for The Republic is utterly untenable.

On top of this we have a caucus meeting in Canberra to deal with a cost of living crisis which, while welcome, will ring hollow if superfluous political offices funded by the taxpayer such as the Ministry for the Republic is not abolished.

The Prime Minister cannot speak out of both sides of his mouth claiming he is now focussed on the real issues while still funding a position exposing he is actually more interested in continuing to play and fund partisan political offices.

The abolition of the position will also avoid the Prime Minister the embarrassment of welcoming King Charles III to Australia and basking in the King’s reflected glory to improve his own standing amongst the Australian people while forcing taxpayers to fund a position with the sole aim of abolishing our successful, tried and proven constitutional monarchy.

The shameless hypocrisy of such a scenario will not be lost on the Australian people.

Be it on the basis of the need to focus on real issues, the acknowledgement the republic is no longer a priority , or the embarrassment and the contemptible hypocrisy of the Prime Minister’s position during the King’s visit, the time has come to heed the call of decency and commonsense and just get rid of this extravagant, highly political, taxpayer-funded office.

The Australian Monarchist League already has over 2000 signatures gathered over a relatively short period of time on a letter to the Prime Minister seeking that the Assistant Ministership of The Republic be now abolished.

Hon. Eric Abetz
Australian Monarchist League
Email: [email protected]


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