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  • Happy Birthday Your Majesty



    On the 21st of April 2021, Queen Elizabeth II will be 95 years of age and thus becomes the longest living and the longest reigning monarch in British history. She is a lady who has rarely set a foot wrong during her long reign and is someone who always has a cheery smile for all.

    We all know the words that she spoke by radio from South Africa on her 21st birthday “I declare before you all that my whole life whether it be long or short shall be devoted to your service and the service of our great imperial family to which we all belong.”. From the unexpected time her father became King as George VI, in December 1936, the then Princess Elizabeth began training for her future role as Queen. She was ten years of age at the time and from then on her life was to become one of duty and service, qualities which have dominated her whole adult life.

    As her 95th birthday approaches, 74 years on from those immortal words, the Australian Monarchist League pays tribute, not just to a wonderful woman of duty and inspiration, but to our very own Queen. Please consider adding your name to the form set out below. This will be printed and sent to Her Majesty with our sincere and devoted greetings.

    Yours sincerely

    Philip Benwell
    National Chair
    Australian Monarchist League

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    TO: H.M. Queen Elizabeth II

    Your Majesty

    May it please Your Majesty to accept the loyal greetings of the members and supporters of the Australian Monarchist League and particularly of those named hereunder.

    We send to Your Majesty our very best wishes and heartfelt greetings on the occasion of your 95th birthday.  We wish you as much happiness and joy as you have given to all of your people through your constant service and duty to us all.

    Happy birthday Your Majesty.

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  • Thank you for signing our Birthday Wishes


    Happy Birthday Your Majesty

    Thank you for joining in our greetings to honour our wonderful Queen. The form you have completed will be downloaded with your name and forwarded to Her Majesty closer to her 95th birthday on Wednesday the 21st of April 2021.

    The Australian Monarchist League works tirelessly to defend the honour of the Queen and the integrity of the Crown within the Australian Constitution and has done so for over 25 years. If you wish to find out more, there is information about us and what we do on this website. If you have not already done so you can also opt to receive our notifications which we send out from time to time - just click here. Of course, you are always free to opt out at any time.

    We do have a financial membership. Details are here should you wish to further support the cause of constitutional monarchy.

    Again, thank you. Let us all join in wishing Queen Elizabeth, our sovereign Queen, a very happy 95th birthday.