• Abolish the Republic Minister

    The devastating defeat of the Voice referendum has meant that the prime minister has backtracked on his commitment to push ahead with a referendum on changing Australia to a republic.

    BUT he has not restored the King's image and symbols of the Crown which he removed nor has he discontinued changes to the law which propose to remove reference to the King.. Above all, his notorious appointment of an Assistant Minister for the Republic has not been abolished and Matt Thistlethwaite is still able to move around promoting a republic with the imprimatur of the government with the taxpayer paying his salary and expenses.

    In January 2024 we launched a petition to the Prime Minister calling on him to extinguish the office of Assistant Minister for the Republic. This was later sent with over 3,500 signatures but was rudely ignored.

    We are therefore relaunching the petition letter which you will find below.

    It is important that we maintain pressure on the government to remove what is actually a minister of the Crown appointed specifically to remove the Crown.


    1,234 signature
    Goal: 2500 signature


    The Hon Anthony Albanese MP
    Prime Minister of Australia
    PO Box 6022
    House of Representatives
    Parliament House
    Canberra ACT 2600

    Prime Minister,

    You appear to have indicated that there will now be no move towards a republic referendum and yet you still have an Assistant Minister for the Republic whose expenses continue to be funded by the Australian taxpayer.

    We did write a letter to you a few months ago supported by over 3500 signatures calling on you to abolish the office of Assistant Minister for the Republic but to date we have not received any acknowledgement whatsoever.

    We again write to you, this time with an open letter, reiterating our request that you abolish this position which, seemingly at your own admission, serves no official purpose and is accordingly yet another example of government waste of taxpayer monies.

    Yours sincerely




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