The Flag

The Australian Flag was first flown at the Royal Exhibition Buildings, Melbourne on 3rd September 1901, in the presence of the first Prime Minister of Australia, the Hon. Edmund Barton and Lady Hopetoun, wife of our first Governor-General. As the flag was raised, all schools were requested via telegraph to similarly raise their Australian flag at the school assembly being held at the same time.

The centenary of the Flag’s inauguration was commemorated on 3 September 2001 and involved a reenactment of the original flag raising ceremony by then Prime Minister John Howard, OM, AC, at the Royal Exhibition Buildings, Melbourne.

On what official occasions, other than National Flag Day, do we fly the Australian flag?

  • 1 January - Anniversary of establishment of the Commonwealth of Australia (1901).
  • 26 January - Australia Day-Anniversary of First Fleet arrival, Sydney Cove.
  • Second Monday in March - Commonwealth of Nations Day.
  • 25 April - Anzac Day – flags flown at half mast till noon, then at the peak for the remainder of the day.
  • Second Monday in June - Queen’s Birthday is celebrated (Except in W.A. where held in October).
  • 11 November - Remembrance Day – Flags flown at peak till 10:30 am, at half mast from 10:30am to 11:03am, then at peak the remainder of the day.

The flag can be flown on any day but use is particularly encouraged on State and Commonwealth special days.