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    Hi, Could you please share this with your members. Ben Roberts-Smith has not been found guilty in a court of law, it is only a civil case where IF what was said against him is true, then it PROBABLY happened. There was no cross examination of any other investigations into the allegations. He is entitled to the presumption of innocence until proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt. I think it is appalling what is being done to him by the media and armchair lawyers. If each Australian gave $2 we could cover his debt. It is the least we can do after what he gave and was prepared to give for us. I don’t want to wake up one morning and find his name on the long list of Veteran suicides.

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    I am loath to allow our government, of any persuasion, to alter our Constitution. It was created by men with far higher moral and ethical standards than any politician today. The fact that it is such a mystery and that one race of people ( many with dubious links to that race) will have a larger say, in any way, in the running of our country is abhorrent to me and smacks of a far more sinister agenda. There are many Aboriginal voices in parliament now…last count 14 I believe. A far greater representation per capita than any other race. Surely that is enough? If they cannot do the job, then replace them – but do not touch our Constitution.
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    These are difficult questions as the two major parties are now so closely aligned. Voting for another small party only muddies the waters and gives Labor/Greens the chance to gain power by the splintering right-wing vote. As a lifelong Conservative-Liberal (my grandfather set up the party with Sir Robert) it saddens me that this once great party has been reduced to a watered-down left-of-centre party. I must just ask those who are placing a protest vote, to please make sure that you know where the preferences are going as none of them can form a government on their own.
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    God Bless you Your Majesty, may you have the happiest of birthdays knowing that the Lord will look after you and your family. We pray for a speedy recovery for the Duke & many more years of your magnificent reign. From your faithful subjects, The Willcocks Family Brisbane Australia.
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