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Constitutional monarchy can unite the country in good and bad times.  

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    Be informed on matters surrounding our current system of government, our way of life, and Australia's independence. 

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    To avoid surcharges applied to the AML for any donation, membership payment or some other miscellaneous payment, all that you need to do is to highlight the AML’s BSB & Account number.

    Doing so will facilitate a transaction from one bank account to the AML’s bank account.

    Thereby avoiding any surcharge associated with any Visa, Mastercard, American Express, credit or debit card.

    If you can give me the Australian Monarchist’s League’s BSB and account number, I will donate some money to the League.

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    Q: Republicans want to remove The Queen’s Birthday Holiday. Please let us know whether you agree it should be removed (answer Yes) or whether it should stay as it is (answer No)?
    A: No

    Queen's Birthday Survey


    There are calls by republicans and others to replace The Queen’s Birthday Holiday with – we don’t know what.

    The holiday is Australia’s oldest public holiday instituted by Governor Arthur Philip in 1788. It is held in June or October in the case of WA & Qld, to suit the calendars within each State. Its purpose is to honour the Queen of Australia.

    We are looking for responses from as many people as possible to determine their views on this matter. We believe that most will be against change and the answers will bolster our arguments to retain the holiday.

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    Why is the Queen‘s speech to the Commonwealth not going to be broadcast on the ABC?

    ABC Refuses to Broadcast Queen's Message

    There is therefore no need to sign the petition, although, if you are new to the Australian Monarchist League, please consider signing up to receive our updates.

    The Queen's Message can be viewed here.


    Other than at Christmas, the Queen has made few televised addresses but she is to make an address to the Commonwealth tomorrow, Sunday 5 April 2020.

    However,our understanding is that the ABC is purposefully not broadcasting the message. We call on all monarchists to sign this online petition calling on the public broadcaster to air the message from the Queen of Australia to her people.

    I call on the Australian Broadcasting Authority to broadcast the message from the Queen which is to be released on Sunday 5 April, 2020.

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    I read the entire ‘Liberty Newsletter’ very easily on my iPhone, with the aid of its ’Reader View’ application.

    Thank you, Philip for taking this suggestion on board.

    The aim and style of writing employed, the use of a plain vocabulary, and the easygoing tone of all articles in this Newsletter, is breathtaking!

    Magnificent work!

    All people who support the monarchy, want to see The Queen and the Royal Family, to be an enduring part of our national consciousness and identity.

    Taking a number of new approaches, the AML will connect with many Australians, gain their trust and understanding, and increase our chance of keeping Australia’s constitutional monarchy, despite the threat of republicanism.

    Outstanding work, Philip, by you and your team of volunteers!

    Sincerely yours, John Candido.
John Candido