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    To Mr Philip Benwell – National Chair

    My mother and I attended the Monarchist League Dinner on Monday 12 December. We felt that as paying members it was a complete waste of time. What did we achieve? May I suggest rather than an expensive dinner, would it not have been more productive to have held a gathering in an auditorium where you have a cross-section of society and age-group in the audience with the guest panel on stage giving their various speeches – but then opening up a Q&A session to hear from the members and guests about their thoughts and ideas moving forward for a Constitutional Monarchy for 21st Century and beyond. The information gathered from this kind of meeting could then be used during the campaign around the country. You could have then served small eats and drinks and allowed people to mingle and talk to others. We are aware we are facing a very serious time in our Constitutional history and a dinner of this sort did not offer any solution/s.

    Yours sincerely

    Mrs Sheila Raine and Ms Sally Raine

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