The ABC responded and aired the Queen's VE Day Message several times during the day. Hopefully petitions, such as this one, have enabled us to establish a better relationship with the ABC for future occasions. You can see the Queen's Message, together with others, on this website here.

Calling upon the ABC & the SBS
to broadcast the Queen’s VE Day message
Friday 8 May 2019 at 9 pm (6 am AEST on 9/5/20)




The Queen is to deliver another rare broadcast on this Friday 8 May to commemorate the 75th anniversary of VE Day. However, it appears that no Australian television channel is to broadcast the speech in full. They probably assume it is only for Britain and do not take into account that several hundred thousand Australians volunteered and fought, with many killed, in Europe against the then aggressors. Accordingly, whilst the war in the East continued until August of 1945, VE Day also belongs to Australia.

VE Day, is therefore not just a British battle but one involving many nations around the Commonwealth, all fighting for the freedoms that became our cherished right under our respective constitutions.

Please therefore sign the petition below specifically calling upon the taxpayer funded media - being the ABC & SBS - to broadcast and publish the Queen’s VE Day address in full. It will be helpful if you could share the link of this very important petition on your social media.

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We, the undersigned call upon the ABC and SBS to broadcast the Queen’s VE Day message in full.

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  • Roger Geary
    signed 2020-05-06 14:41:32 +1000
  • Robin Pearce
    signed 2020-05-06 14:38:10 +1000
    At what point in time are we going to be rid of the left wing biased ABC / SBS….. tax funded cretins, who continuously ignore the People’s wishes. When will the Federal Govt: cut their funding?

    God Save the Queen.
  • Michael Edwards
    signed 2020-05-06 14:38:01 +1000
    As a member of the Commonwealth, it is entirely fitting that Her Majesty’s address regarding the 75th anniversary of the end of WWII is broadcast in Australia.

    Australia provided an enormous and significant contribution to the war in Europe and the Pacific and thousands of men, women and civilians paid the ultimate sacrifice. It is therefore appropriate and fitting that Australian television stations broadcast the Queen’s address.
  • Beverley Holmes
    signed 2020-05-06 14:36:48 +1000
  • Christopher Seabrook
    signed 2020-05-06 14:33:00 +1000
  • Ian Kells
    signed 2020-05-06 14:32:25 +1000
  • Dylan Turner
    signed 2020-05-06 14:30:54 +1000
  • Ben Anderson
    signed 2020-05-06 14:27:12 +1000
  • Pamela Williams
    signed 2020-05-06 14:26:35 +1000
    It is imperative that the taxpayer funded media – being the ABC & SBS – broadcast and publish the Queen’s VE Day address in full.
  • Fran Henderson
    signed 2020-05-06 14:26:17 +1000
    Please show this most important speech to the people of Australia.
  • Muriel Carter
    signed 2020-05-06 14:24:26 +1000
  • Andrew McBride
    signed 2020-05-06 14:24:01 +1000
    God save the Queen! Long may She reign!
  • Dan Probert
    signed 2020-05-06 14:23:55 +1000
  • Ken Barnes
    signed 2020-05-06 14:23:32 +1000
  • Kodey West
    signed 2020-05-06 14:23:24 +1000
    God Save The Queen.
  • Jack Barton
    signed 2020-05-06 14:23:10 +1000
  • John Bunyan
    signed 2020-05-06 14:20:51 +1000
  • Tristan Whitley
    signed 2020-05-06 14:19:28 +1000
  • Rebecca Anderson
    signed 2020-05-06 14:18:43 +1000
  • Bill Ellerton
    signed 2020-05-06 14:18:09 +1000
    Bill Ellerton
  • Matthew Nicholson
    signed 2020-05-06 14:17:19 +1000
  • Richard Joyce
    signed 2020-05-06 14:14:17 +1000
    It is an important moment in history. Our Queen was there. It is only right that my ABC puts this to air live, and repeats the address once or twice, so every Australian has a chance to listen.
  • Michael Aubrey King
    signed 2020-05-06 14:13:38 +1000
    To the ABC please do the right thing and and telervise the queens VE message for all those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for there country
  • Anne Prendergast
    signed 2020-05-06 14:12:37 +1000
    I ask the ABC and SBS to broadcast the Queen’s VE day message.
  • Mitch Ramsay-Mader
    signed 2020-05-06 14:11:39 +1000
  • Margaret Roberts
    signed 2020-05-06 14:09:47 +1000
    It should be televised here as we were one of the Allied Forces
  • Roger Pike
    signed 2020-05-06 14:09:28 +1000
    Thoroughly Agree
  • Lynette Pollard
    signed 2020-05-06 14:08:42 +1000
  • Laura Smith
    signed 2020-05-06 14:08:19 +1000
  • Geoff Kingman-Sugars
    signed 2020-05-06 14:06:47 +1000