The Australian Monarchist League is the most active organisation in support of the Crown in Australia.

Even though leading republicans acknowledge that there is little interest amongst the people in Australia in becoming a republic in the foreseeable future, the media persists in being extremely biased towards this end, so much so that we find ourselves continually having to respond.

A number of such responses together with other media notifications can be found under the heading ‘Media Releases’.

We have a number of spokespersons, several of whom are listed on this website along with their contact details so that journalists can speak with them directly. We would ask that visitors refrain from using these details to bulk email or otherwise spam them.

Under the downloads section there are membership brochures, visiting cards and downloadable posters. Obviously, we had prepared for a great expansion to this section had we been facing a republic campaign as was expected if Labor had won the last election but have placed those plans in storage for the time being. However, we will be revising and adding to this section over the coming year.

Finally, the events section comprises information on activities held throughout the country.

Please do peruse any or all of these sections at your leisure.

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    • Emily Pankhurst
      commented 2020-04-09 12:48:47 +1000
      what a great site – full of great facts and intelligent comment.