Petition to the Prime Minister

Petition to the Prime Minister

The King is expected to make his first visit, as King, to Australia in October 2024.  He will be in the region to attend the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in Apia, Samoa, which commences on the 21st of October. 

The Australian Republican Movement, which is supported by the government’s Assistant Minister for the Republic, has already commenced their campaign using the Royal visit as an excuse to undermine the Australian Constitution and to attack the King. 

This means that the government will have extended an invitation to the King whilst, at the same time, through its very own Assistant Minister for the Republic, be engaged in a concerted attack on His Majesty  and on his position as King of Australia.

It is an untenable situation and one which should not be allowed to continue. 

We urge all who agree with this to sign the below letter to the Prime Minister calling on him to extinguish the office of Assistant Minister for the Republic.  After all, its only purpose appears to be expending taxpayer monies so as to lend support to the Australian Republican Movement.


The Hon Anthony Albanese MP
Prime Minister of Australia
PO Box 6022
House of Representatives
Parliament House
Canberra ACT 2600

Prime Minister,

The taxpayer-funded position of an Assistant Minister for The Republic has never been appropriate. It is even less so as a visit by the King of Australia Charles III is anticipated. The position needs to be abolished.

As our Prime Minister you will be welcoming our King whilst using the people’s money to actively fund a minister whose task is to assist a cause which would see the tried and proven constitutional monarchy abolished in favour of another politician and all the uncertainties that will bring. The incongruity of this position is glaring. It will not be missed by our fellow Australians or the world community.

Our democratic Australian history records that the Australian people voted for a constitutional monarchy both at the foundation of our nation in a series of referendums in 1898-1900 and again in 1999.

The undermining of our stable system of constitutional monarchy by a taxpayer funded assistant minister is a repudiation of the will of the Australian people as expressed by them in earlier referendums besides being a misuse of taxpayer funds.

It would be an opportune moment for a display of leadership and recalibration of priorities for you to abolish this superfluous ministry as we enter 2024. With a host of issues including the need for stability in our institutions and cost of living pressures the Australian people would be most welcoming of this saving and refocusing on the things that matter.

We the undersigned therefore urge you to extinguish the portfolio of Assistant Minister for the Republic.

Yours sincerely




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Goal: 2500 signature

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