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  • commented on Liberty Newsletter August 2020 2020-08-15 11:40:02 +1000
    Thank you for a very informative newsletter esp re the Hocking debacle re the correspondence between Sir John Kerr and Her Majesty. I agree that this episode should be used to inform the Australian public about the stability of our system. Rather than being seen as a ‘dismissal’, the 1975 events should be seen as the Crown re-enforcing the public’s democratic right to have a say in how we are governed and by whom. The landslide repudiation of Whitlam is proof positive of this. I am very interested in the Australian Nationhood Foundation. Great initiative. Happy to assist where I can. Regards and thanks again. Dr Martin Hess. Royalla. NSW.
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    Disgraceful gratuitous and opportunistic attempt by the Victorian Health Minister to liken COVID19 with the arrival of James Cook RAN. She should be publicly likened to the arrival of leprosy in the Australian body politic!
Martin Hess