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    Meetup 24 May 2021


    The next drinks and networking evening will be with Daniel Teng, leading journalist with the Epoch Times.

    Details are:

    Date:     24 June 2021
    Time:     6pm
    Venue:   Shark Hotel (upstairs)
                 127 Liverpool Street, Sydney
                 (arrive any time and come and go as you please).
    Dress:    As you wish
    No Charge

    Daniel Teng has been a journalist with the Epoch Times for over a decade.

    The Epoch Times was established in 2000 in response to major human rights crises in China and its expansive censorship. For the past two decades, the group has exposed the true facts on China and in recent years has expanded its remit to other languages and to exposing the influence of communism and Marxism around the world.

    Daniel will give a short talk on the Beijing’s Unrestricted Warfare on Australia - Australia has long been known as the “testing ground” for Beijing’s Unrestricted Warfare doctrine. What is this doctrine? And how did it result in a two-decade long struggle for freedom of speech right under our noses. How does it impact our freedoms and the Australian Constitution that guarantees our rights?

    This will be followed by us meeting and chatting around world new events, our constitution, heritage and anything else that might interest you. It should be noted that the Australian Constitution is the last line of defence against those who would attempt to radically transform Australia.


    June 24, 2021 at 6pm
    Shark Hotel (upstairs), 127 Liverpool Street, Sydney
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  • Petition to Protect Our Australian Way of Life

    Australians get to enjoy an amazing quality of life with family and friends.

    Our unique and long established Westminster system of government provides us with peace and prosperity, allowing us to enjoy time with family, privately help the less fortunate in the community, and invest for future generations.

    Australian Monarchist League is calling for a show of support from the Australian community to petition so we keep the current Australian Westminster system of government

    What makes Australia the best country on earth?

    People, families, and communities thrive in Australia. Where else in the world can citizens receive:

    Job and business opportunities
    Top level healthcare
    World class education
    Beautiful and diverse environment
    Security and regulation
    Affordable utilities
    Reliable infrastructure

    The Australian government provides us with all these things, it shows how efficient and effective our system of government is. 

    Why is the Australian government so successful while other countries struggle?

    The key difference is, Australia has its own unique Westminster system of government which contains a:

    Lower House
    (i.e. House of Representatives)
    Publicly elected
    Proposes policies and changes.


    Upper House
    (i.e. Senate)
    Publicly elected
    Reviews, approves and amends proposed policies and changes.


    (i.e. Crown's Representative)
    Takes control in exceptional circumstances.
    Prime Minister can petition the Crown to dismiss the Governor-General.


    The Lower House proposes policies, and the Upper House reviews, approves and can amend the proposed policies.

    This two-step process distributes the power amongst the politicians and allows for constructive debate and solutions that satisfy the wider community.

    The Governor-General’s role is to ensure this political process is working.

    How is Australia now under threat?

    The republican lobby groups are pushing to replace the Governor-General with an elected or appointed head of state that will likely belong to one of the two major Australian political parties.

    If one political party held a majority in the lower house and upper house, and also held the head of state, that political party could exploit their position to remain in power uncontested.

    It would be the beginning of political corruption and the end of Australia as we know it. 

    Sign the petition to show your support in keeping the current Australian Westminster system of government.

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    Be Kept Up To Date

    Be informed on matters surrounding our current system of government, our way of life, and Australia's independence. 

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    Congratulating the Prime Minister

    Labor leader, Anthony Albanese has called on the prime minister to provide more funding to the ABC. The prime minister has rejected the call and should be congratulated.

    To the Prime Minister, the Hon. Scott Morrison MP
    Parliament House

    I applaud your decision in dismissing the call from Labor leader, Anthony Albanese, to reverse the government’s funding freeze on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Helen Dowell