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    Sign the petition: Petition to Appoint a Shadow Minister for the Constitution https://www.monarchist.org.au/petition_for_constitution_minister?recruiter_id=6624

    Petition to Appoint a Shadow Minister for the Constitution


    On the 31st of May 2022, Anthony Albanese appointed an Assistant Minister for the Republic who has now been sworn in as a part of the new government. We have therefore created the below petition calling on the Leader of the Opposition, the Hon. Peter Dutton MP, to appoint a Shadow (Assistant) Minister for the Constitution.

    We call on all those who support and wish to uphold Australia’s current Constitution to please sign the petition as set out below.

    To The Honourable Peter Dutton MP

    On the 31st of May 2022 the Prime Minister, the Hon. Anthony Albanese MP announced his cabinet which included the Hon. Matt Thistlethwaite MP as Assistant Minister for Defence, Assistant Minister for Veterans’ Affairs and Assistant Minister for the Republic.

    On the 5th of June 2022 you announced your Shadow Ministry which did not include any formal opposition to Mr Thistlethwaite as Assistant Minister for the Republic.

    We, the undersigned, do therefore humbly petition you as Leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition to give consideration to appointing a Shadow (Assistant) Minister for the Constitution. Furthermore, we earnestly request, in the event you do appoint such a Shadow Minister for the Constitution, that that Minister not be a republican.

    Yours sincerely

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    Q: Republicans want to remove The Queen’s Birthday Holiday. Please let us know whether you agree it should be removed (answer Yes) or whether it should stay as it is (answer No)?
    A: No

    Queen's Birthday Survey


    There are calls by republicans and others to replace The Queen’s Birthday Holiday with – we don’t know what.

    The holiday is Australia’s oldest public holiday instituted by Governor Arthur Philip in 1788. It is held in June or October in the case of WA & Qld, to suit the calendars within each State. Its purpose is to honour the Queen of Australia.

    We are looking for responses from as many people as possible to determine their views on this matter. We believe that most will be against change and the answers will bolster our arguments to retain the holiday.

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