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    The ABC responded and aired the Queen's VE Day Message several times during the day. Hopefully petitions, such as this one, have enabled us to establish a better relationship with the ABC for future occasions. You can see the Queen's Message, together with others, on this website here.

    Calling upon the ABC & the SBS
    to broadcast the Queen’s VE Day message
    Friday 8 May 2019 at 9 pm (6 am AEST on 9/5/20)




    The Queen is to deliver another rare broadcast on this Friday 8 May to commemorate the 75th anniversary of VE Day. However, it appears that no Australian television channel is to broadcast the speech in full. They probably assume it is only for Britain and do not take into account that several hundred thousand Australians volunteered and fought, with many killed, in Europe against the then aggressors. Accordingly, whilst the war in the East continued until August of 1945, VE Day also belongs to Australia.

    VE Day, is therefore not just a British battle but one involving many nations around the Commonwealth, all fighting for the freedoms that became our cherished right under our respective constitutions.

    Please therefore sign the petition below specifically calling upon the taxpayer funded media - being the ABC & SBS - to broadcast and publish the Queen’s VE Day address in full. It will be helpful if you could share the link of this very important petition on your social media.

    You should note that unless you tick the box at the end of the form, your name will be published as a signatory to this petition.

    We, the undersigned call upon the ABC and SBS to broadcast the Queen’s VE Day message in full.

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    It’s a disgrace to even mention such a thing. Her job is to help people as a health advisor and advise people not to spew profanity on the internet. Captain James Cook brought parliamentary democracy, modern civilisation and a way of life to this nation and we should be proud of him not condemning him. I’ll also say that captain cook did not kill a single aboriginal man or woman he did not invade he did dispossess anyone. In fact he had a deep respect for the natives. I quote from captain cooks journal “From what I’ve said of the natives of new holland may appear to some to be the most wretched people upon earth, but in reality they are far happier than Europeans, being wholly unacquainted not only with the superfluous but the necessary conveniences so much sought after in Europe, they are happy in not knowing the use of them. They live in a tranquility which is not disturbed by the inequity of conditions. The earth and the sea of their own accord furnishes them with all things necessary for life…This in my opinion argues that they think themselves provided all the necessaries of life and that they have no superfluities.” Captain cool admires the natives for living in tranquility and not the wretchedness of European life. Maybe before people like this spew profanity across the internet they should get some history and learn something in their pea sized brains. It’s absolutely appalling and she should be offering her resignation with immediate effect.
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