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    FYI- something to consider and use as evidence..Dear Dear Sir/Madam, There are several issues, that have come to my attention, which indicates that an inappropriate relationship betweem the Muslim community and our labor politicians.

    The public should know these facts before the push for Republic. First, it recently, been revealed to me, via a member of parliament secretary, that the labor government, obtains “donations” from the Muslim community, very large sums according to this secretary, in return, they get mosques approved,, have their religious holidays promoted and advertised in the media, and on council websites and social media by the local governments, whereas other cultures and religions do no and developemnts approvedt. In short, it suggests that there is a “bribe” occurring. Money donations in exchange for “favours”. (ie bribes).

    Given this fact, it is not unreasonable to assume and conclude, that the reason the labor government overturned the liberal legislation, to bring in the 4 ISIS brides with their 16 kids into Australia is the direct result of these financial “favours”. An action that will see it cost the tax payer millions of $$ over their life times, given the entire family will now will be monitored to some unknown time.

    This brings me to my next point. The republic push and the “new constitution”. Given these financial relationships with the Muslim communtiy, Could it be, that the renewed push for the republic and a “new consitiution” is for the benefit of their benefactors? Currently, we have a Christian, who also is the Head of the Church, as our Head of State. King Charles III. Previously Q Elizabeth II. Everyone entering into parliament must pay allegiance to a Christian. That includes the Muslim community or being naturalised. For the first time ever, in parliament, we have Muslim’s paying aliegiance to a Christian, and the Head of State at that and , many of our international business partners are now Muslim since we no longer have good relations with China. similarly, Muslims have started making large donations to the labor party, and have done so for quite some time, it is not unreasonable to assume, that the labor party would want to keep these benefactors on their good side. hence, the push to remove the CHRISTIAN & head of the Church of English church as our head of state, via the republic. Anyone other than our current head of state is viewed as “easily manipulated. via the $$”.

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