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    The whole ‘Voice’ nonsense is just completely WRONG-HEADED!
    It will fracture our Democracy and drastically divide Australians along an UNDEMOCRATIC, RACIAL LINE!

    We are ONE under the Southern Cross; every person with the same equal, democratic voice with one vote and access to equal rights!!

    All that is needed is to rigorously ensure that every one of the multitude of very, very, generously-funded, established Aboriginal Agencies, Committees and Organisations are actually working, that they are robustly achieving results.

    —-You know! —- Actually functioning to bring about the essential results for which they were created!
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    Q: Do you support the advocacy of the Prince of Wales in regard to action on climate change?
    A: No

    The Prince of Wales & Climate Change Action

    The subject of climate change and proposed human intervention is one that has created deep divisions amongst Australians. Whilst it is not a matter that falls within our mandate, we have nevertheless become enmeshed because of the advocacy of the Prince of Wales in promoting action and the resulting implications this may have to the future of our system of constitutional monarchy.

    Members will be well aware that I have expressed concerns over many years to his Royal Highness pointing out that as he is carrying out duties on behalf of the Queen it is incumbent on him not to make any comment on any matter of controversy and that his future subjects would obviously have differing opinions on differing issues all of which he must respect whether he agrees or not.

    It is important for us, the Australian Monarchist League to be aware of the opinions of our support base on this issue and we would therefore very much appreciate your answering a couple of questions in any, sort of, survey. This will help us plan a pathway through this difficult time.

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    If Prince Charles does not disassociate himself from the extremely dangerous GLOBAL RESET MOVEMENT – I will certainly withdraw my support for an Australian Constitutional Monarchy.

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