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    God save The Queen

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    God save the Queen, she may reign a long over us, long life for the Queen!!!
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    George V was a very important King , a perfect sovereign and represented the best spirit of the Australian Nation
  • The Queen and the Monarchy and are an essential part of Australian history and culture

    Petition Calling on Republic MP to Retract Slur on Queen

    The Honourable Matt Thistlethwaite MP, Shadow Assistant Minister for Financial Services and Shadow Assistant Minister for the Republic, posted on Tuesday 14 July 2020 on his Facebook “Today’s release in full of the Palace Letters confirm that Australia needs to begin another serious discussion about an Australian as our head of state – an Australian who acts is the interests of our nation and its people, not beholden to the advice, influence and interests of a foreign power.” [meaning that the Queen acts in the interests of a ‘foreign power ‘ with the inference that she is, herself, a 'foreign power']. Mr Thistlethwaite has also publicly repeated his claims on television and elsewhere.

    Please sign this petition calling on Mr Thistlethwaite to retract his unfounded and quite blatantly wrong remarks relating to the Queen of Australia as being a foreign power. The Queen and her successors will always, without question or doubt, act in the interests of Australia.



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    God save The Queeen, She may reign a long over us
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