Greg Whitehead

  • signed Funding for the ABC 2020-04-13 19:19:56 +1000
    The ABC ought to be shut down and start again!

    Congratulating the Prime Minister

    Labor leader, Anthony Albanese has called on the prime minister to provide more funding to the ABC. The prime minister has rejected the call and should be congratulated.

    To the Prime Minister, the Hon. Scott Morrison MP
    Parliament House

    I applaud your decision in dismissing the call from Labor leader, Anthony Albanese, to reverse the government’s funding freeze on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

  • signed ABC Refuses to Broadcast Queen's Message 2020-04-06 11:22:56 +1000
    How can a media outlet who is supposed to be a National broadcaster be so seditious to the Government of Australia especially at a time like this? Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is the Australian Head of State who has demonstrated by her life to be a servant to the people of the Commonwealth of Nations. But just like “the armchair social justice warriors” who are so blind in their outrage of subjects they know little about, so too is this blatantly obvious “Green Commie staffed organization”. The sooner it is defunded the better as they clearly do not have the best interests of the social welfare of Australians at heart, but like their ‘King’, (no they don’t want that,.. let’s say ‘Kink’) Karl Marx who wrote “In short, the Communists everywhere support every revolutionary movement against the existing social and political order of things.” So their refusal to air The Queens message is following the pattern laid out by Marx.

    Her Majesty the Queen is doing her job for the benefit of the people, the ABC has failed in their job,…….again……

    ABC Refuses to Broadcast Queen's Message

    There is therefore no need to sign the petition, although, if you are new to the Australian Monarchist League, please consider signing up to receive our updates.

    The Queen's Message can be viewed here.


    Other than at Christmas, the Queen has made few televised addresses but she is to make an address to the Commonwealth tomorrow, Sunday 5 April 2020.

    However,our understanding is that the ABC is purposefully not broadcasting the message. We call on all monarchists to sign this online petition calling on the public broadcaster to air the message from the Queen of Australia to her people.

    I call on the Australian Broadcasting Authority to broadcast the message from the Queen which is to be released on Sunday 5 April, 2020.

Greg Whitehead