• Has promoted the establishment of the VOTE NO Alliance which now has the capacity to reach UPWARDS OF A MILLION MEMBERS of supportive organisations
  • To campaign for the Crown of Australia and
  • To defeat the Referendum on the 6th November to make Australia into Republic
  • Over the years the League has:
  • Defended the honour and integrity of The Australian Sovereign, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.
  • Safeguarded the symbols, traditions and heritage of our Constitutional Monarchy.
  • Promoted a better understanding of our Constitution amongst schools and the Community.
    Formed in 1942, the Monarchist League has always had a presence in Australia, albeit a fairly small one at times. However over the last decade the League attracted a support base in excess of 15,000 and became a very active participant in the Debate on Australia's constitutional future.

    The League has only one criterion, to retain The Australian Crown in the Australian Constitution. Over the past decade it has done everything within its power to safeguard our monarchical symbols, traditions and heritage.

    The League has been particularly successful in organising lobbying and protest campaigns defending the honour of our Sovereign, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and protecting the integrity of the Australian Crown.

    Ignored by media and Governments alike, we have nevertheless established a track record unsurpassed by any other organisation as the following list will indicate.

    Although receiving no funding from the Government, it is with a sense of pride that we can say that it was us who, during the Referendum Campaign:

    • met urgent requests received from throughout the country for the supply of leaflets for letter box drops printing over two million leaflets.
    • by ourselves, took the Australian Electoral Commission to the Federal Court to seek redress against guidelines to scrutineers which allowed such marks as a tick to be accepted as a 'YES' whilst rejecting a cross as informal.
    • led the active How to Vote No campaign against the Preamble.
    • requested churches throughout the country to pray for the well being of the Nation prior to the Referendum.

    Over the past decade we:

    • reproduced and distributed Sir William Dargie’s renowned portrait of Her Majesty in the Australian Wattle Dress when the Keating Government ordered Commonwealth Government Bookshops to stop selling prints of The Queen,
    • successfully lobbied the Howard Government to freely distribute portraits of Her Majesty through Government bookshops.
    • sponsored the establishment of The Foundation for Australian Constitutional Research and Studies
    • led the protest campaign when many churches dropped prayers for The Queen.
    • lobbied Members of the State Parliament to vote against the Crown Oaths and References Bill introduced by Carr to remove The Queen from the State Oath of Allegiance and to abolish the name of The Crown from State functionaries?
    • consistently organised campaigns against corporate attempts to vilify The Queen in their advertising (such as the Toyota advertisement 'don’t worry Your Majesty you're not the only British Export to have had its day').
    • mounted a successful lobby campaign to persuade the Government to introduce Civics Education into schools.
    • organised essay competitions on constitutional subjects in all High Schools.
    • organised protests in each State at the stealthily introduction of Bills to use the Australia Acts to amend the Constitution Act of 1900 and to make each State a Republic and following the Referendum has formally requested each State to remove extinguish these Bills
    • have immediately responded to reports that the Scouts are proposing to delete reference to The Queen in the Scout's Promise or Pledge.
    • are closely watching and protesting at proposals to remove the title 'Royal' from the name of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects.
    • have lobbied the Federal Government to issue a special stamp to mark the Centenary of birth of The Queen Mother.
    • have requested the Government to prepare and circulate a simplified ‘easy to read’ Constitution for distribution to schools and the General Public.
    • are lobbied for the restoration of Oaths of Allegiance to The Queen in Citizenship and other ceremonies.
    • are preparing a campaign to lobby the Government to introduce penalties for breaking Oaths of Allegiance.
    • are organising nation-wide gatherings to welcome and cheer The Queen on the State Visit in March.
    • are organising churches to ring peals of bells and universities their carillons when The Queen enters each City on the Royal Tour.
    • have printed special postcards to commemorate The Queen's Visit in March 2000.
    • are formally protesting at the use of the name Public Corporations in their personal support of the Republicans by Chief Executives and directors.


    We are pleased to provide the following information on this web site:



About the Referendum-Information on the referendums and particularly on the campaign to defeat the Republic.

About The VOTE NO Alliance

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